Music In RenPy

This is part 3 of a 4 article series on some useful techniques for making a RenPy game. We’ll show you how to implement a simple inventory system and build an intelligent menu for a shop/vending machine that reacts and responds appropriately to player inventory and stats.

The other articles are listed below, links will be added as the articles come out.

Add music to your game

Adding theme music to your RenPy game is pretty easy and the documentation is very helpful.

To add music you should first create a music folder inside of your game folder. Then you just drop your music files in.

Fortunately, RenPy is pretty smart is A-OK with .mp3 files as well .ogg files.

The next step is to tie these files into your code.

The easiest way to do this is to register them with a define statement. For example:

define audio.tavernmusic = "music/Crunk Knight.mp3"

What we’ve done here is tell RenPy to register “Crunk Knight.mp3”  as “tavernmusic” with the audio system. 

We can then play the music at any time:

play music tavernmusic

That’s it!

Anytime you want to switch music, just tell RenPy to play another song.

Next Steps

RenPy’s audio capabilities go way beyond just playing music. It has support for multiple channels i.e. voice, sounds, etc…, fading in and out, looping, and more!

Each of these features is as easy to use as adding an argument or two to the play the documentation command. Check out and find what works for your project.


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