Nerdy Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day looming, I’m always in a panic to find some really great gift ideas. This year, instead of forgetting till the last moment, I decided to do some preemptive shopping and find a few great gift ideas that I’d like to share with you. (I’m very lucky my SO doesn’t read this blog).

I’ve pulled out some of the more interesting things I found during my search. I’m hoping that my hours of searching can become just a couple minutes for someone else. If you find yourself interested in anything you see, just click the image to be taken to the seller’s page.

Spice up that game

If your SO plays D&D, and if you’re lucky enough to play together, you can enhance your game and score love points. Who wouldn’t love a die that lights up when you roll a 20? The unfortunate downside is that there’s no way to replace the battery, but the good news is that the die doesn’t seem to be noticeably weighted: it rolls all numbers evenly. I’m very excited to try it out at my next game session.


 Perhaps you’re looking for a nice gift for the GM. Look no further than the Critical Roll app (now supporting 5e) which suggests some really cool effects that trigger on a critical hit. It can add a bit of spice to the game, but best of all it’s completely free (even ad-free).

Being free, while awesome, does not make the best Valentine’s Day gift though, so I had to keep looking.


  Instead I found a gift that should get a smile at just about any table: a die that has replaced the “1” with “No.” It’s not uncommon in my group for people to just say “Nope” when they roll low instead of telling the GM what they rolled. The next time we meet up, I think I’ll just roll it until it comes up. This is first time I’m hoping for a 1. If your SO plays D&D, these are great for a laugh.

Running low on ideas, I decided to try my hand at books. I was not disappointed.

A great Valentine’s Day book for just about anyone. Nothing says you care like a book titled “I Loathe You”. The illustrations are pretty amusing and it’s a fun story to read to the kids. The story is straightforward and the characters are, as the description puts it, “charming”. You’ll get a smile out of your Valentine, and a fun conversation piece with your friends. 

It’s also great fun to smile at your Valentine and say “I Loathe You” (results may vary).

I found the perfect Valentine’s Book for a D&D player. “Valentine for a Dragon” is about a demon who falls in love with a dragon. It has solid reviews, interesting characters, and betrays expectations in a way that only a romance between a demon and a dragon can. Not too bad for a children’s book. If your Valentine loves to dragons, loves D&D, or wants to read a different kind of love story, this is a great gift. 


These were pretty good, but I wanted something a little more. After searching I found the following gem:
A stunning dragon pendant. I was equally shocked to see that it cost less than $25. While my SO doesn’t have too much fondness for jewelry, this is a great find for anyone who likes dragons. It’s worth noting that the seller, Infinite Joy, has consistent 4 and 5 star reviews for their items; that peace of mind is always great to have when buying jewelry.

Of course, I may be a fan of the polished silver look as it looks good with most skin tones and just about anything that people wear.
I’m not too fond of cards, myself (I prefer to avoid the awkward card isles like the plague). However, this may be the coolest card I’ve ever seen. It has a dragon on the outside and when you open it up a fire-breathing dragon pops out of the card. That’s freaking cool! The next time I’m forced to buy a card for someone, this is definitely what I’m going with.


All in all, I found some pretty neat stuff while searching for the perfect Nerdy Valentine’s Day gift. I hope this has saved some of you some time searching; just click on the image if you see anything that interests you.

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