Sir Pouncealot [Caturday1]

Hello friends,

It’s your friendly neighborhood lizardman here!

For the past several years I’ve been a bit of a photoshop hobbyist, well technically GIMP, and I’ve accumulated a fair bit of fun pictures that I’d like to share. Today starts a new tradition: CATURDAY! where I upload a new picture of an animal photoshop every Saturday.

This one is the first animal photoshop I ever did: my cat contemplating how to re-balance his investment portfolio in front of an Italian villa. This is how he spends most of his Saturdays, I imagine.

At the time that I created this picture I was a little too bashful to share it, so it actually made its first web appearance on the site of one my good friends, but alas, that site has been taken down and I cannot link the original image.

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