Steampunk Cat on Baker Street [Caturday 3]

Steampunk Kitty

Hello friends!

Today I have the honor of presenting to you a feline friend of a rare and dignified grace. This feline’s natural elegance of posture and di-chromatic color scheme hearkened back to a simpler time of vests, pocket watches, and gears.

Harnessing the natural energy of this feline, attenuating to her acute gaze and will of iron, I have grafted her into an environment that moves with the certainty of steel, as of gears marching forward toward inevitable infinities. The gears themselves are but an extension of her will that she wields with a solitary and quiet dignity. 

What do the gears do? Do they turn the hands of a giant clock, foretelling the time with a mechanical accuracy beyond the limits of human capability? Do they manufacture cat food by the barrel? Only she knows. Puffing on her pipe with a silent dignity, eyes like mirrors hide the answers…

Steampunk Kitty

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