Introducing the 5e SuperIndex

The 5e SuperIndex

Your friendly neighborhood lizardman here!

I love D&D 5e and spent more time than I should hanging out on various D&D forums. The last few years, I noticed people frequently complain about 5e’s lack of good, random tables. This sentiment was so widespread that I had mostly accepted this as truth, until I read a post citing nearly a dozen tables to help DMs and generate interesting in-game content.

This convinced me to put it to the test: was 5e really impoverished for good tables?

So I dug through all the 5e books I own, recording every table and rule that I thought I would want on hand as a DM, which book it was in, what page it was on, etc… It turned into kind of a digital DM Screen spreadsheet.

This was my first attempt, a static web page.  Really just like a traditional index with the table name, book, and page number. Not too bad, but I could certainly do better.

Not being one to take the shortest path, I decided to take all this data and turn it into a web app. And so the 5e SuperIndex was born. 

It’s a tool to help DMs find what they need quickly, regardless of which books it’s in. I have provided links to web pages with various tables and resources where appropriate, though outside the DMG and PHB these web resources are very rare.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, even as I suppress my developer’s urge to implement 17 additional features. =)

I hope some of you find it useful, and I’d happy to answer any questions or accept any feedback you have.

Special thanks to the folks over at /r/rpg without their support and feedback this tool never would have come to fruition.

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