Updates – Tumbler and the SuperIndex

Hello readers!

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback and questions on the SuperIndex. Today’s post will focus on status updates.

The SuperIndex

The SuperIndex was created over the course of a weekend. I’m pleased with how it turned out in that time, considering that it was a very time-intensive project due to the amount of manual data entry required.

In addition, the feedback from the community was incredible (thank you /r/rpg)!

Less than a week after its initial deploymnet, the SuperIndex has already received two updates, fixing minor errors and incorporating even more tables and links to more online resources than ever before. 

I’ve began adding every officially published classes and subclasses to the index as well, placing the total number of unique entries in the index well above 150! 

But what happens next?

By Monday there will be one more update to the SuperIndex. This will include all the rest of the officially published classed (Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock) and a major UI update.

The UI update will:

  • Switch the tool over to a dark theme
  • Change button layout to something more intuitive
  • Change font size and style
  • Ability to hide categories without filtering
  • More readable format for index entries
  • Preparations for integration with Project Anita

All these add up to a major change which will greatly improve the usability of the app and pave the way for additional features.

After these changes are implemented, my focus will be shifting to Project Anita which is scheduled to roll out in April.

What is Project Anita?

I can’t say anything at this time since I’m a firm believer in not rolling out projects till they are at least Beta ready. But I will give you one hint: it’s all in the name 😉


Finlam Goes to Tumbler

To build a deeper connection with the D&D community, I’ll be starting a Tumbler soon. Stay tuned for memes and updates!

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