French Dog – [Caturday 4]

Hello Readers!

Today’s Caturday post is featuring a fuzzy, four legged, dog!

This dog had a rare air of distinction, a certain je ne sais quoi that could not be fully captured in a single image. Still we must try; like Sisyphus before us, striving toward a goal that is forever out of reach.

She relaxes in her drawing room, wearing pearls and fine jewlery. Certainly, she must be on her way to a party. All the hoi polloi will be there. As she sits, resting for only a moment to collect herself, she suppresses a feeling of ennui. There are so many people to meet and so little time. We are lucky to have her in this moment in time, preserved forever in a lull between peaks of cascading energy that can only belong to one who drinks so deeply from the cup of life. 


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