SuperIndex MegaUpdate [Update]

Hello readers!

Today’s post is a short update about the 5e SuperIndex – Every relevant table in 5e indexed in one place.

The updates were substantial (before on the left, after on the right):

  As part of my ongoing effort to make playing D&D 5e even easier the updates included:

  • A dark theme (better for your eyes)
  • search function (find what you need)
  • Much improved readability (avoid those sanity rolls)
  • Ability to hide categories without filtering their contents (remove visual clutter)
  • Better data organization (You can find the page number and book on the right side)
  • More consistency between Mobile and Desktop experience
  • Every officially Published Class and Subclass indexed and linked ( X_X’ )
  • So many weblinks! (Just click to go straight to what you need)

I look forward to keeping this app up to date. If you spot anything that should be added to the SuperIndex, or want to provide feedback, reach out to me on Twitter. I’ll soon be coming to Tumbler as well.


In the meantime, the next update to the SuperIndex is scheduled for April, along with the unveiling of codename Project Anita. I’m really excited about it and I’m looking forward to writing more great tools for the D&D community.

Till next time,


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