Ways to add extra dice to attack damage

 After last week’s post about the  Fistful of Dice  build it got me thinking of all the ways we could add extra dice to damage rolls. I didn’t find a good list online, so I made my own.

This list contains all the ways to add extra damage dice to an attack that do not come from spells or expending spell slots.

It should be helpful if you’re building or optimizing a character, or if you’re just plain curious about the state of 5e as of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

Extra Damage Dice in 5e

  • Rogue – Sneak Attack (xd6 depends on level)
  • Zealot Barbarian- Divine Fury (1d6 + some extra)
  • Horizon Walker  Ranger- Planar Warrior (1d8)
  • Monster Slayer Ranger- Slayer’s Prey (1d6)
  • Kensei  Monk- Kensei’s Shot (1d4)
  • Kensei  Monk- Deft Strike (1d4-1d12)
  • Hunter Ranger – Colossus Slayer (1d8)
  • Battlemaster Fighter – Superiority Dice (1d8 – 1d12)
  • War Cleric – Divine Strike (1d8-2d8)
  • Paladin  – Improved Divine Smite (1d8)
  • War Cleric – Divine Strike (1d8 -2d8)
  • Life Cleric – Divine Strike (1d8 -2d8)
  • College of Swords –  Blade Flourishes (1d6-1d12)
  • College of Whispers – Psychic Blade (2d6-8d6)
  • Arcane Archer Fighter – Arcane Shot (2d6-4d6)
  • Gloom Stalker Ranger – Dread Ambusher (1d8)
  • Four Element Monk – Fangs of the Fire Snake (1d10 per ki)
  • Orcish Fury – (+1 damage die; racial feat, once per rest) 


There’s a lot of non-spell slot options for adding damage dice in 5e, but most are dependent on short rest recharge resources and there are  substantially more options for a ranged character.  It would be nice to see more passive damage increases like the Brute class that was demoed in this Unearthed Arcana.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the classes or abilities described in this article check out the SuperIndex – The only hyperlinked index spanning all officially published 5e material.


Questions, comments, something missing? Let me know in the comments below or  reach out to me on Twitter .



Article researched with help from  the Playground.

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