Finlam Elman – PurpleLizardman goes to Tumbler!

At the advice of my loving wife, I’ve decided to give Tumbler a try. I’ve never done it before, I figured I’d throw myself into and see what happens. I’ve described the experience below in over the top detail using hyperbole and metaphor: the only scientifically proven way to describe a new experience.

Creating a Tumbler

The splash page for tumbler is incredibly daunting, just look at this poor woman:

The look on her face is soul-penetrating as if a truckload of ambivalence had veered off the road of apathy and crashed into a smoking crater of ennui.  She doesn’t even notice or care that a goldfish is busily devouring her unkempt hair.

And yet there is a vibrancy of color to contrast the grey-disposition of our heroine. The fish move about, awash in color and light as they feed on the bleak sould of the weary human. Fish are color. Fish are movement. Fish are life.

I’m not sure that I’m ready for something so philosophically deep and at once detached from human concern. I decide to hold my breath as I dive into the deep end of the pool and click the “Get Started” button. 

What are you into?

Account setup is quick and painless: an email, a password, a username, my age, a consent to things I never read box, and a captcha. Easy peasy.

Then I’m confront with a vibrant spalsh screen asking a single ambiguous question:

“What are you into?”

Me: That’s an easy one! RPGs, tabletops, board games, video games, and D&D!

Tumber: …

Tumbler:  … 

Tumbler: …

Tumbler: How about Anime?

Me: Sure, I guess.


Setting up the Tumbler Page

This part turned out to be pretty easy.

Although as someone who has never “Tumbled” before, I have no idea if this looks how a tumbler should. A frame of reference for some of the setting would be nice, but I’ll just set something up and go back and change it later when I decide that I did it all wrong.


After I click “Exit” I’m brought to a page where I can see how I’ve misconfigured my setup. Then….I have no idea what to do.

With a complete lack of direction from the app, I employ my tried and true method: start clicking on everything until something interesting happens.


After click around for a bit, I decided to use the search bar.

At last! I had found the D&D I was looking for:

That’s probably enough for now, I’ve run out of time.  I’ll have to figure out the rest later, but expect a lot of updates and exclusive content on Tumbler:


Do you have a Tumbler? Is there a D&D or gaming related Tumbler that I need to follow? Let me know in the comments  below!

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