Sherdog Holmes [Caturday 6]

For today’s Caturday picture I have the honor of presenting you a dog of exceptional breed, practiced in the art of observance, and perhaps even a bit of skullduggery.  This is, of course, none other than Sherdog Holmes, who we see relaxing in his study with his pipe.

What case vexes Sherdog Holmes so? Is it the murders on Barker Street, the missing diamonds, the tales of a great beast lurking in countryside? Perhaps it is that his landlady is coming to visit soon and he’s really not sure how to approach such an awkward social encounter. 

Whatever great conundrum makes his wheels turn one thing is clear: no animal should ever be this deep in thought.


Do you have a fuzzy critter you’d like to see featured on a Caturday post? Just reply in the comments or reach out to me directly.

I’m also taking commissions for 12×12 art prints of your animal delivered right to your door.

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