Extracting text from Samsung SNote Files [Finalm goes to GitHub]

Hello readers!

I was an avid user of the Samsung Note 3 until I “upgraded” to the Galaxy 7.   If you’re like me, then you used the SNote application for everything!

  • Riding the train and need to write down a cool idea? (Campaign notes, NPC ideas, plot hooks)
  • Shopping list?
  • Names of important contacts?

Everything goes into that list.

Unfortunately,  there’s not an easy way to extract the data out of the SNote application if you change phones. Samsung is lagging behind on updating their SNote application for Windows and if you’re like me, you just want the contents of the notes and don’t really want to install a single program just for opening your SNotes.

The only technology required for this is Python3, a text editor (to edit one, single line of code), and your phone with SNote on it.

Step 1: Download the Notes

Just hook up your phone to the computer via USB and transfer the “SnoteData” folder over to your computer. Pretty easy.

Step 2: Download the Python Script

Just saunter over to my brand-new, shiny Github (DISCLAIMER: may not be so shiny by the time you read this) and download the file “parse_snotes.py“.  

Once you have that downloaded, just edit the “target_dir” variable on line 18 to point to your filepath.If you’re having trouble finding the filepath of your folder, don’t worry! In Windows you can simply hold down the “shift” key and right-click on the folder, then select “Copy as Path” and you’re done! Just paste into that into the file (making sure to keep the little ‘r’ in front of the quotation mark) and you’re goog to go.

Step 3: Run the Script

If you have Python3 installed you just need to open a command shell in the same directory as your script and then type “python parse_snote.py” and you’re done.

You’ll find a new directory right next to your SNoteData directory that contains all the text from your SNotes converted in plain-old text files!

Easy, quick, and you don’t have to worry about losing any of your valuable shopping lists fantastic ideas, ever again!


This was a quick script to write, but it quickly pulled me back down the infamous Python encoding rabbit hole (which is not 1/10 as deep as it was with Python2, thank goodness).  If there’s enough interest, I’ll extend the script to extract images and whatever other nonsense they’re cramming into SNotes these days. 

Do you have questions? Do you want to see the script extended? Just leave a comment below!


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