Teleportation Master [5e Eliatrope build]

There’s a lot low level abilities that grant limited range teleport effects in D&D5e. This got me wondering: how much short range teleport can we pack onto a single character?

Unfortunately, after doing the research, the most effective way is to achieve this is to be a Wizard or (Shadow) Sorcerer and use spell slots on teleportation spells.

But that’s boring, so I changed the goals a little bit and decided to build a character based loosely off Eliatropes from the show Wakfu.

If you play D&D, you should give the show a watch: it feels like watching a D&D party with some good chemistry and great improv skills.

That aside, I identified a few key Eliatrope traits from the show that I wanted to capture with the build (In order of importance):

  • Short range teleportation – a LOT of it
  • Laser – We need a laser
  • Speed – gotta be fast

Teleportation in D&D 5e

There’s a few different ways to add teleportation to a 5e character. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s pretty close:


Misty Step (level 2)

Blink (level 3, only sorta counts)

Dimension Door (level 4)

Teleportaion Circle (level 5)

Tree Stride (level 5)

Arcane Gate (level 6)

Transport via Plants (level 6)

Teleport (level 7)

Etherealness (level 7, only sorta counts)

Warlock Invocations

Relentless Hex


Fey Teleportation (Xan’s Guide, requires high-elf)


Warlock/Archfey Patron – Misty Escape (level 6, costs Reaction when taking damage teleport 60ft away)

Shadow Monk – Shadow Step (level 6, costs Bonus Action teleport 60ft from shadow to shadow)

Ranger/Horizon Walker – Ethereal Step (level 7, sorta counts, but not real teleportation)

Ranger/Horizon Walker – Distant Strike (level 11, teleport up to 10 feet before each attack)

Shadow Sorc – Shadow Walk (level 14, as Monk’s shadow step but range 120ft and no advantage on next attack)

Druid/Circ of Dreams – Hidden Path (level 10 teleport up to 60 ft as bonus action 1/WIS bonus per LR can also teleport others 30ft feet instead, but costs an action)

All in all, the list turned out to be significantly less than I was expecting. I have some hope that MORDENKAINEN’S TOME OF FOES will provide some more teleportation options, but I haven’t got my hands on it just yet.


Mandatory Disclaimer

This build is not optimized for combat, merely for short range teleporting. It is a theory build and will not be top tier performant in combat.


Putting It Together

Out of all the teleportation spells available to us, Misty Step fits the bill pretty well for what we want: it’s short range, low level (spammable), and it uses a bonus action so we can attack after using it.

If we start as a high elf, we can pick up a 1/short rest misty step via the Fey Teleportation feat. 

If we pick up 6 warlock levels we can Blink and Misty Step (2 spells on our list) and we gain the ability to use a reaction on taking damage to teleport up to 60 feet away and turn invisible (once per short rest).

To recap: with just 6 levels, the PHB and Xanath’s Guide to Everything we have:

  • A High elf
  • With the Fey Teleportation Feat
  • Who’s a level 6 Archfey Patron Warlock
  • Who can Misty step up to 3 times per short rest
  • With an additional, reaction triggered teleport per short rest
  • Use Relentless Hex to teleport to a target we’ve hexed

That’s not a bad start and we can also pick up the Eldritch Blast cantrip to add some lasers onto our eliatrope. At a basic level, we’re already mostly there.

If we want to take it father and go full eliatrope, we have a couple of options:

10 levels of Circle of Dreams Druid

This option gets us the best short range teleport ability in the game: we can teleport ourselves or other (willing) creatures 1/WIS bonus per long rest. In other words, we have an ability that is better than Misty Step (longer range and more versatily) and we can use it up to 5 times per long rest.

The downside is that combining it with High Elf (our race) and Warlock (our other class) has very little stat synergy. Add in the Fey Teleportation feat and we’re looking at a character whose stats are a hot mess. If we still go with it though, we have a character who can:

  • Misty step 3 times per short rest (from warlock and feat)
  • Misty step an additional 11 times per long rest (from Druid spell slots)
  • Hidden path Teleport 3-4 times per long rest (from lvl 10 Druid ability)
  • Reaction teleport 1 time per short rest

On top of that we can pick up Blink thanks to the Archfey Patron, and Tree Stride thanks to our Druid levels, giving us a variety of teleportation options.

At this point our build can teleport A LOT, shoot lasers, and pick up a few other cool tricks from the Druid spell list. It’s really good at short range teleportation and not much else.

We’re now level 16 and don’t really have anything to do with the last 4 levels except take more levels of druid to gain access to better spells.

We may be able to take 10 levels of druid instead of the warlock, but it becomes a little more difficult to retain the eliatrope flavor.

Instead of druid we could take:

7 Levels of Horizon Walker

 If we take 7 levels of Horizon Walker instead of druid, we can teleport up to 10 feat before each attack. This leaves us 7 more levels to fill in with 6 levels of  Shadow Monk and one final level of Ranger for the Ability Score Increase. We’re level 20, but we can:

  • Shoot lasers (pew,pew)
  • Misty Step (3 times per short rest)
  • Misty Step (3 more times per long rest)
  • Reaction Teleport
  • At will teleport in shadows
  • Teleport 10 feet before every attack
  • Use Etherealness without a spellslot once per long rest

Notably, this won’t make a very combat effective character due to how jumbled the stats are. But it certainly achieves a kind of anime feel, becoming the fighter archetype that zooms and teleports around the battlefield on a whim, punching things, hitting them weapons, or lasering them at will.

This could be a really fun character to play in a lower-power level game. Or even a fun antagonist: the PCs will have a difficult time pinning the character down, making them a great villain who doesn’t really engage so much as run from the PCs.


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1 thought on “Teleportation Master [5e Eliatrope build]

  1. A chain pact warlock with relentless hex can cast a hex on his familiar, use a bonus action and teleport up to 30′ for as long as the hex is maintained (up to 24hrs. At level 5). Say hello to teleportation all day.

    For thematic reasons I might pick a fiend patron and the sprite familiar which the warlock torments.

    With this build you can be Nightcrawler- a warlock if I ever saw one. 🙂

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