5 D&D Character Ideas

Looking for ideas for your next D&D character? These ideas will inspire discussion, encourage roleplay, and make your character memorable.


The Song that Never Ends

A bard who has been cursed to play only one song forever. The party is on epic quest to save the world and is growing seriously tired of the song. Meanwhile this bard just wants a Wish spell to break the curse.

How did you become cursed? Perhaps you offended a god or a powerful wizard. Or perhaps you aren’t really cursed at all, you simply have no talent and can only play one song well.

Whatever you decide, pick a song that the other players can love to hate on so everyone can get into it at the table.


The Socially Awkward Lore Bard

A Lore Bard who is excessively polite. In combat their cutting words are often sincerely mumbled apologies and ‘excuse me’ along with half-bows and apologetic nods. This is so off putting that it causes enemies to miss and feel generally uncomfortable with the whole idea of combat.


The Herald of the Gods

A Zealot Barbarian with a deep spiritual connection to the gods. Every time he’s revived it’s a different god and he has a different personality, complete with all the motives of a devout agent of the new god.

Make sure to roleplay the different personalities that reflect your perception of the Barbarian’s current god i.e. prone to quick and violent action when following Grummsh, cold and disinterested when aligned with Boccob, proud and righteous when following Heironeous, etc…



A warforged bard who’s vocalization is a bit off. Communicates with beeps and robot sounds and all their songs are Nintendo and Sega Genesis era 8-bit tunes streamed from their vocal matrix.

Throw in some Zelda or Golden Axe tunes to play during combat at watch everyone get into the rhythm.


Too Close to Home

A wizard who had to take out extensive loans to afford wizard school. Unfortunately, the wizard market is saturated and now he has to become an adventurer, risking life and limb to pay back his wizard college loans. 

To avoid making this a little too depressing, play up the debt part as a source of comic relief. When you’re in town for long periods, your character should be picking up temp jobs to pay back their debt.

Work with GM to use the Carousing Table and re-flavor the results a little bit: you’re not receiving gambling winnings, you’re getting a bonus for being an excellent worker. You’re not just making an enemy, you’re offending your boss or coworker. You don’t just have a romantic fling: you’re caught up in a powerful office romance that is probably as ill-advised as it is exciting.



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