ExcelDungeonCreator – Make maps on grid paper in excel

As often happens in the D&D Twitter community, today I saw a great idea on Twitter and I decided to help make it a reality.



The Result

After a little bit of tinkering I came up with the following:

Now you can paint and draw dungeon maps in Excel and print them as if they’re on graph paper! Just select a color and use the mouse keys to move around, painting as you go.

  • You can add as many colors as you like.
  • Paint with the arrow keys or by clicking.
  • Columns are automatically sized to grid paper format (except the first two columns).
  • If the first four columns (A:D) get in your way when printing, just select them and hide before printing.


It was a short, fun project and there’s a lot of room to grow it i.e. applying colors to a selection, toggling paint modes, etc… While my schedule won’t allow me to keep developing it, feel free to take it, modify, and share it to meet your needs.


To run it you will need:

  • Microsoft Excel with macros enabled
  • The template file (linked below)



Good luck out there and happy dungeon creating!

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