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Yesterday marked the official release of “So You Want to be a Slime?” on DMsGuild. I am proud to announce that it has achieved over 200 downloads in 24 hours! 

This effort would not have been possible without the support of the great D&D community. Thank you all for making high-quality content creation possible.

There is also a free version if you want to check it out.

Below you’ll find the original intro (prior to publication) to “So You Want to be a Slime?”  The published version features original artwork and over 10 pages of additional content.

Please enjoy.

Playable Slimes

So, you want to play a slime? The humble ooze has been a staple of RPG gaming nearly since its inception, but our favorite, gooey creature has remained oft-overlooked as a playable option.

Contained in this document you will find rules for introducing the ooze as a playable race called “Slimeoids”. Oozes have brought humor, joy, and occasionally terror to the table of RPGs for decades and now you can bring that to the table as a player.

The following race, subraces, spells, feats, and monsters should provide you everything you need to get started.


“Where’s Theren?”

“She ate him!”

“You mean that lil’ halfling cut ‘em down?”

“I mean SHE. ATE. HIM. WHOLE.”

      –Last exchange between unfortunate roadside bandits, expert from the journal of Sasha Twigleaf.


In the last century strange creatures of animated slime emerged. Called “oozes” or “slimes”, at first they were merely a nuisance. Some even called them “gross”. But at least slime infestations gave amateur adventurers something to do.

Then it was discovered they could be put to use: cleaning dungeon corridors, trash disposal, removal of unwanted guest, etc… It was no time at all before all manner of mages, wizards, and demons took an interest in them.

Slimes of all colors and shapes began to emerge: monstrous slimes, slimes that devour the dead, slimes that eat metal, slimes with magical affinities, psychic slimes, even a Demon Lord of slime.

Then came the humanoid slimes. No one knows what magic or crazed experiments created them, but a few adventurers have discovered the truth: intelligent slimes now walk among us.

A new race of slimes, called “slimeoids”, maintain a humanoid guise as they travel, trade, and live amongst the humanoid races. Exploring the world with a passionate exuberance, open minded adventurers have learned to welcome them and the curious perspective they bring.


Hiding in Plain Sight

Slimeoids are intelligent oozes who have gained the ability to take on humanoid form. They use this form to explore the world and interact with humanoid creatures.

Each slimeoid has both a slime and humanoid form that they switch between at will. This form is, for all purposes, identical to a humanoid form of flesh and bone. Much like real humanoids, most slimeoids have little control over the appearance of either of their forms.



Slimeoids are more intelligent than most other oozes and often find the monotonous life of a slime to be rather dull, instead choosing to strike out and explore the world. Unlike many intelligent oozes, slimeoids do not have a natural tendency toward evil or even carnivorous behavior, making it easy for them to interact seamlessly with humanoids.

From an early age, slimeoids have a strong drive to explore and immerse themselves in new experiences. They tend to be passionate about their physical forms and will frequently seek out jewelry, clothes, or accessories to adorn themselves.


Slimeoid Names

Names are a very new concept to slimeoids. Their slime ancestors have no names at all.

Some slimeoids will give themselves names to blend in with the humanoid race of their alternate form. Other slimeoids hold a naming tradition where a name must be imparted to the slimeoid by a close mentor or friend.

Sometimes a slimeoid may even choose to have two names: one for each of their forms.

Slimeoid Traits

Your slimeoid character has the following racial traits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.

Age. A slimeoid is usually mature after a few weeks, when they gain their humanoid form. Their maximum lifespan is unknown, but their humanoid form does not age naturally.

Alignment. Charged with passion, slimeoids have a slight tendency toward chaotic alignments.

Size. When in slime form, a slimeoid is a Small sized creature. As a slime they weigh between 5 and 40 pounds. When they are in their humanoid form, they have the appropriate size and weight for that form.

Speed. When in slime form a slimeoid has a 15ft base walking speed. For humanoid form, use the movement of the humanoid race for that form.

Humanoid Form. At character creation, you may choose a humanoid form. The form can be from any medium or smaller race approved by the DM, though player races are recommended. The details and appearance of the form are set by you at character creation.

Your humanoid form may look like a typical member of the humanoid race and subrace you choose, but it is not uncommon for slimeoids to manifest a few atypical features such as unusual and striking colors of hair and skin, exotic eyes, an odd number of fingers, etc.

While a slimeoid in humanoid form is physically indistinguishable from a normal humanoid of that race, the slimeoid has none of the abilities of the race. Your humanoid form, however, does have the perception (vision and hearing) of the race and subrace you choose.

While in humanoid form you are considered a Humanoid.

 Slime Form. Every slimeoid has a natural, amorphous slime form. When resting, this form tends to hold the shape of giant dew drop. Your slime form can be any color as long as it is not fully transparent.  Your slime form lacks a mouth and is incapable of speech. Additionally, your slime form lacks hands entirely and cannot hold objects or perform the complicated gestures required for somatic spell casting.

While in slime form you are considered an Ooze.

While in Slime Form you have the following abilities:

Blindsight. You have Blindsight out to 15ft.

Amorphous. You can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide without squeezing.

Engulf. You move up to your speed. While doing so, you may enter the space of a Small or smaller creature or object. When you enter the space, the creature must succeed on a dexterity saving throw with DC equal to 8 + your strength bonus + your proficiency bonus.

On a successful save, the target is pushed back 5 ft. On a failure, you engulf the target. You may have no more than 1 Small creature or object, or 2 smaller creatures or objects engulfed at a time.

While a target is engulfed it is cannot breathe and is restrained. Your slime is not acidic enough to harm engulfed creatures or objects.

An engulfed creature can escape at any time by taking an Action and succeeding on a dexterity saving throw vs 8 + your strength bonus + your proficiency bonus. If it succeeds, it exits your body at a location of its choosing within 5ft of you.

Form Change. At any time, you may use an Action to switch between any of your available forms. Any gear you have equipped merges into your form and reappears when you change back to that form.

Expel. At any time, you may expel an engulfed creature or object with a bonus action. The creature or object appears in your hand or within 5 ft of you as you choose. You may expel engulfed creatures or objects even when in humanoid form.



If you like what you’ve seen, you can purchase “So You Want to be a Slime?” and in addition to supporting the release of future high-quality products, you gain:

  • 5 unique and creative subraces
  • 11 feats
  • 5 spells
  • 6 monsters
  • NPCs
  • and a full-color art spread

Get your slime on!

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