Valentines Magic Items

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it would be fun to get into the spirit by releasing some magic items to add that spark of holiday romance and je ne sais quoi into your Dungeons and Dragons game.

Below are a few common magical items to spice up your game.

Heartbreaker Quill

Wonderous Item, Common

This magical quill glides across the paper, writing passionate letters in elegant handwriting. The quill moves unceasingly as though guided by an amorous spirit.

As long as any parchment or paper is placed next to the quill, it will begin writing a love letter addressed to someone known by its current owner. When it’s finished writing the letter, if more paper or parchment is available, it begins writing another letter.

Each letter is different and may be passionate, sensual, or subtle depending on the mood of the quill.

Phoenix Rose

Wonderous Item, Common

Said to have been grown with the ashes of a Phoenix, this lush, vibrant rose is undying love incarnate. Once plucked from the vine, this rose manifests some of the qualities of the phoenix.

Romantic Ring and Rose

At dawn of each day this flower returns to pristine condition, no matter what damage it has suffered: its leaves regrow, its petals regain their luster, and its fragrance will always smell as though it was freshly picked.

Lovers Rings

Wonderous Item, Common

Said to have been worn by Tristran and Isolde, these rings carry the flames of their love and seek to unite lovers in fiery passion.

Once per day any wearer of the ring can activate the rings. For the next hour the rings will get warmer or colder as they grow nearer to each other. The rings guide the wearers ever nearer, their warmth building with anticipation, until at last the rings touch and return to normal temperature.

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