Return of the Slimeoids!

So You Want to be a Slime?

On February 25, 2019 I published the D&D 5th Edition supplement So You Want to be a Slime? on DMsguild. The book was my first 5e publication centered around the often whimsical and sometimes dangerous oozes, introducing them as playable options with spells, feats, and monsters to help bring that special slime to your game.

I didn’t expect anything from it, but the love I put into it must have shown through. In the first day it was on the top 100 list where it stayed for over a week. Since then its been downloaded hundreds of times and met with glowing reviews from content creators.

I am proud to announce that on the one year anniversary (February 25, 2020) I will be rereleasing So You Want to be a Slime?

So You Want to be a Slime? Version 2

The new version introduces the Chaosdrop Slimeoid:

The magics that create intelligent oozes have never been particularly stable, and there’s no better example of it than the chaosdrop Slimeoids. Prone to changes in form and spontaneous bursts of magic, these slimeoids are sure to make any adventure more interesting.

Some Sorcerers have theorized that the chaos drop slimeoid is a pure embodiment of Wild Magic. Whatever the case, this particular type of slimed does have a strong tendency toward chaos.

With a scintillating ooze form, an ever changing humanoid form, and the ability to create Chaos Effects in combat, this subrace introduces several new mechanics that are sure to energize your game.

Version 2 features several pages of additional content, the short list is below.

  • An additional subrace
  • 4 never before seen feats
  • 2 new spells
  • 6 new items
  • A new chapter
  • A cleaner, more consistent layout
  • Numerous edits to improve reading quality and accessibility
  • Single column and Multicolumn formats

If you’ve already purchased So You Want to be a Slime? you will not need to purchase again, you are getting the update for free: just log into DMsguild and download the new files when they are available on Feb 25, 2020.

So You Want to be a Slime? cover

If you’re still not sure about purchasing So You Want to be a Slime? There is a free version which will also be available in single and multicolumn formats. Additionally, the free version has received content updates as well including several feats, a subrace, spells, and items.

Single and Multicolumn Formats

I am very excited to bring you this additional content and I look forward to hearing your stories when you use it at the table.

I would like to take a moment to talk about the decision to offer both multi and single column formats. While I don’t have the statistics on it (I would love to see them if you have them) it is clear that more ttrpg players are enjoying digital content and enjoying it on their phones and small screen devices.

Multicolumn format is terrible for usability and scaling down multicolumn documents onto small screen devices grievously harms the document’s legibility. This isn’t simply a matter of aesthetics, but of access and inclusion of the vision impaired as well.

When we lower the barrier to access ttrpg content and bring more people to the table, the whole community benefits.

With this goal in mind, we have decided that future supplements we publish will have multiple formats to make them more accessible. The end goal is to produce supplements that are 508 standards compliant by the end of 2020.

You Are the Best

I am humbled by your continued support. Without the outflow of positivity form the D&D community there never would have been a version 1 of So You Want to be a Slime? let alone a version 2. It is only because of your support that we are able to produce content of this quality.

This year we have many goals as a publishing studio. We will walk the road ahead with optimism and I hope you will join us on the journey.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Lizardman

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