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On the 25th of February, we’ll be updating So You Want to be a Slime? Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at some of the content you’ll be seeing in the update.

If you already purchased this supplement, you’re getting all this content, plus a lot more for free. If you haven’t purchased it already you can this high quality, full color, D&D 5e supplement for free.



Five new items have been added, check out two of them below.

Wonderous Item, common
This potion has the taste and consistency of mostly melted jello. For the next hour you can squeeze through tight openings as if you were an ooze. You also have advantage on checks made to escape a grapple.

Magic Weapon, common
The favored weapon of ooze handlers, the sizzle stick provides a corrective shock to oozes, encouraging them to move away from otherwise easy meals. The sizzle stick is treated as a normal quarterstaff that deals an extra 1d8 electric damage to Oozes. When the sizzle stick deals damage to an Ooze, the ooze must succeed a DC 14 Wisdom save or use its movement to move 10 feet away from the wielder. If the Ooze has already used its movement for the round, then it must use its movement on the next round to move at least 10 feet away from the sizzle stick wielder


In addition to several corrections for balance and playability, four exciting new feats have been added, one of which is featured below.

You are adept at hunting oozes.
• You have advantage on grapple checks against Ooze. You also have advantage on saves to avoid being engulfed by oozes.
• Once per turn, if you deal damage to an Ooze you may add an extra d8 of the same damage type.


Two new spells have been added to the full version.


A new race: the Chaosdrop Slimeoid has been added to the full version. If you enjoy random magical effects, wild surges, or just rolling dice then this is the choice for you. Below is a partial excerpt for the Chaosdrop, the full stats and abilities can be found in the full version of So You Want to be a Slime?

Chaosdrop Slimeoid

The magics that create intelligent oozes have never been particularly stable, and there’s no better example of it than the chaosdrop Slimeoids. Prone to changes in form and spontaneous bursts of magic, these slimeoids are sure to make any adventure more interesting.
Some Sorcerers have theorized that the chaos drop slimeoid is a pure embodiment of Wild Magic. Whatever the case, this particular type of slimed does have a strong tendency toward chaos.

Prismatic Ooze. Your ooze form is an array of scintillating, prismatic colors. You can adjust the radiance at will. As an Action, while in ooze form, you may cast the Light cantrip on yourself without any somatic or material components.
Unstable Form. Unlike other slimeoids, your humanoid form changes often. In fact, maintaining the same form for long periods can be quite difficult. At dawn each day, roll on the table to determine what your humanoid form will be for the day.
Chaos Surge. Once per long rest, when you take damage that reduces you to below half of your maximum HP you trigger a chaos effect. Roll on the table below to determine the chaos effect.

Get Your Slime On!

Look for the update to on February 25th on DMsGuild.

Happy slimeing.

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