Toilet Paper available on DMsGuild

Toilet Paper

Today I’m proud to announce our second DMsGuild publication Toilet Paper is now available. That’s right, you can now buy Toilet Paper on DMsGuild.

Toilet Paper

So you’ve decided to buy toilet paper. It’s flying off the shelves like it’s made of helium and even Amazon is out of stock.

The good news is that at the height of scarcity you’ve finally managed to acquire that most soft and precious of modern conveniences: the great, missing Toilet Paper. The bad news is that it’s not exactly the toliet paper you needed, but maybe it’s the toilet paper you deserve.

Priced at $0.72, this D&D 5th Edition supplement costs the same as a single roll of 3-Ply toilet
paper (the good stuff). While it won’t improve your hygiene as much as a toliet paper roll, it will bring more fun to your gaming group.

Enjoy four new and fun hygiene-themed monsters including the TP Golem, a new warlock patron (The Clean One), and a new Arcane Tradition for your wizard (The Decontaminator).

The whimsical tone of Toilet Paper will bring a smile to your face as the class options and monsters inspire ideas that are equal parts humorous and terrifying. Toilet Paper is truly something everyone needs.

Most importantly of all: don’t forget to wash your hands.

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