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For our frequent visitors, you’ll notice the top bar has changed and we’ve added a new “Publications” page to the site. It’s a concise page where you can view summaries, descriptions, and reviews of our work.

Our first publication received its version 2 update this year. So You Want to be a Slime? Is officially a DMsGuild best seller and continues to deliver great results and garner good reviews.

In other News, Toilet Paper, the supplement we released earlier this week has a 5 star rating on DMsGuild and received its first review. It was positively glowing.

“If you thought [Toilet Paper] was gonna be completely stupid, it’s not, this is not just a joke. It is great. It’s taking itself seriously while at the same time being completely comedic and hilarious.” @WilliamBosleyDM reviewing Toilet Paper on, available on DMsGuild.

The Path to the Future

We’ve a long road ahead as we ramp up our publishing this year with eight more publications planned and numerous other exciting projects. Further than just publishing, we hope to deepen our engagement with the community at large through social media, forums, and unique technical capabilities.

If you are a reviewer of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition supplements or you are actively working on a digital project in the tabletop space, please reach out to us directly for complimentary copies of our work and invitations to closed alpha and beta programs.

Thank you for going on this journey with us, this year will be our best year yet. If you like what you’ve seen so far, sign up for the Friendly Neighborhood Newsletter to get more the content you love and discounts on our publications and services.

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