6 Items to Improve Your D&D Game

Magic Amulet

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Todays article is a preview of 6 magic items to add to your D&D game. The items are designed with four goals in mind: to enhance lore and word building, to facilitate commonly desired character builds that are difficult to produce in standard D&D 5th Edition, to provide interesting options to characters inside and outside of combat, and to fit within the 5th Edition balance curve.

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Animation Bracelet

Wondrous Item (bracelet, requires attunement), uncommon

This bracelet comes in many forms, but is always denoted by three small rubies adorning its surface. Once attuned, you may use an Action to remove a ruby and place it on any object of up to small size where the ruby sticks until removed. For the next 1 minute, the object is under the effect of animate object as per the spell as if it were cast by you. This effect does not require concentration. Once the duration is expired the ruby crumbles into dust. At dawn of each day, roll 1d4 – 2, if the result is at least 1, that many rubies reappear on the bracelet.

Beneficient Box

Wondrous Item, common

This small box is well insulated and easily fits an entire meal for one person. The box may be set by placing any meal into the box and closing it, after which the meal disappears. The next day, and every day after at noon, the meal appears in the box exactly as it was when the box was set. The food is created from magic, but it is real food that provides exactly as much sustenance as the original food. The food produced by the box must be eaten within 1 hour or it disappears and the box must be set before it can be used again.

Expulsion Armor

Armor (magic), uncommon

This armor is favored by scouts and explorers facing danger that approaches certain death. Imbued with abjuration magic, this armor can be sacrificed to protect its wearer. Once per day, when you would take damage, you may use your Reaction to cause your Expulsion Armor to detonate in a controlled manner, propelling you 15 feet in a direction of your choosing and taking 1d6 magical bludeonging damage. Activating the armor may cause the triggering attack to miss. Once the armor is detonated in this way, its pieces are scattered about the area and must be gathered before the armor can be donned again.

Levitation Trap

Wondrous Item (trap), uncommon

This stone tile bears the face of a laughing monkey carved into its surface. When passing over over the tile, you must succeed on a DC 14 Dexterity Saving throw or be gripped by levitation magic. While under the effect of this levitation magic you rise 10 feet into the air each round. The levitation effect ends after 1 minute. A rope or tether can thwart the magic by preventing you from floating further into the air. Breaking the tile will end the magic effect immediately.


Wondrous Item, rare

This vivid painting was crafted by a master artist. A Knowldege(History) check of 18 or greater reveals that it is one of two paired works.

A creature of any size may enter the painting as an Action as long its paired painting is on the same plane of existence. The next round they emerge from the other paired painting. If one of the paired paintings is destroyed the magic dissipates and then remaining painting becomes an ordinary, rare painting.

Staff of the Fire Dragons

Staff (requires attunement), rare

This staff can be wielded as a magic Quarterstaff that grants a +1 bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls made with it. While holding it, you gain resistance to fire Damage.

Once per day you may use an Action to cast lightning bolt without expending a spell slot. This spell deals fire damage instead of lightning damage as a plume of flames erupts from the staff.

As long as you are attuned to the staff, you may cast the produce flame cantrip as if you had learned it through the magic initiate feat.

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Art provided by Dean Spencer

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