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So You Want to be a Slime? Free version
So You Want to be a Slime? Free version

Have you ever wanted to play an ooze? Does ooze magic excite you? Do you want more options for oozes in your campaign?

The free version of our best selling supplement has everything you need to get started and features a full color art spread.

Current written review rating: 5 Stars

So You Want to be a Slime?
So You Want to be a Slime? Full Version

The full version of our best selling work has all the options you need for ooze characters and ooze themed campaigns.

Featuring a brand new race, 6 unique and creative subraces, 15 feats, 7 spells, 6 items, 6 monsters, 2 NPCs, and a full-color art spread, So You Want to be a Slime? will engulf your mind with novel and intuitive options for you D&D game.

Current written review rating: 4.5 Stars

Toilet Paper
The best hygiene supplement for D&D 5th edition

Tired of the unavailability of toilet paper and seeking to subvert some the anxiety around COVID-19, we released Toilet Paper the best hygiene themed D&D supplement for 5th Edition.

Sporting a whimsical tone on top of balanced and interesting class options, you’ll find:

* 4 new monsters
* A new warlock patron (The Clean One) – build your warlock into a cleric-like support character with a powerful and humorous hygiene theme
* A new Arcane Tradition (The Decontaminator) – A support wizard with enhanced abjuration spells and a blinding (literally) smile
* Lots of laugh to help brighten your day

But don’t take our word for it: see what reviewers are saying.

“If you thought [Toilet Paper] was gonna be completely stupid, it’s not, this is not just a joke. It is great. It’s taking itself seriously while at the same time being completely comedic and hilarious.” @WilliamBosleyDM reviewing Toilet Paper on, available on DMsGuild.

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